Ecobat creates a long-term integrated energy strategy by partnering with Enel North America

By working with Enel on an integrated energy strategy, Ecobat has boosted savings, resilience and sustainability. Discover how working with Enel has allowed them to find new synergies that maximize value.




Battery recycling and lead production



Demand response, utility bill management, solar and battery storage, energy procurement



Enel integrated energy strategy

Project goal


Work with one energy partner to implement multiple technologies 


Ecobat, a world leader in battery recycling and lead production, is guided by a commitment to the well-being of its team members, partners, communities, and the planet. Ecobat leverages cutting-edge technologies and its network of facilities and service providers to develop innovative products that meet the ever-growing demand for more efficient and reliable energy storage solutions.

Their Story

Facing the effects of global energy volatility

As a large energy user operating in a complex global environment, Ecobat faces a wide range of energy challenges. These challenges can range from simply generating consistent energy to maintain the great deal of heat needed to enable the recycling process to managing major weather events to prevent interruptions at any Ecobat facility across the globe. From procurement to energy usage to energy spending, developing an energy strategy to improve in all areas of the company’s energy footprint would have a significant impact on Ecobat’s bottom line and sustainability performance.

However, because Ecobat is a multi-faceted business operating across different geographies, it was necessary to craft an optimal strategy and align every part of the business in the same direction. In addition, Ecobat’s employees were focused on their day-to-day tasks and therefore were not working against a holistic energy strategy that mitigates the impacts of global energy volatility. As a result, there was an opportunity to boost savings, resilience, and sustainability.

“We are focused on delivering our customers the best solutions and services in lead battery recycling,” said Carter Johnson, purchasing manager at Ecobat. “To do that with the highest level of efficiency, sustainability and expediency, we knew it would be important to operate within a larger energy strategy. We wanted a partner with expertise and experience to help us set up a strong demand response agreement or a good solar solution.”

A partner was needed to help them develop and implement an energy strategy – Ecobat brought in Enel North America to help.

Advancing Ecobat’s energy strategy: integrating multiple solutions to maximize value

Ecobat has transformed its energy strategy by partnering with Enel North America, leveraging Enel’s expertise to develop an integrated approach to managing Ecobat’s energy. Working with one energy partner to implement multiple technologies simplified Ecobat’s experience while enabling Enel to find synergies between products to maximize value.

By working with Enel, Ecobat has been continually exposed to creative new ways to improve its energy strategy, without taking focus away from their core work.

“I’d absolutely recommend Enel,” said John Bilal, director of supply chain operations for Ecobat. “I have learned how volatile energy markets are and how essential it is to have a long-term strategy to mitigate exposure.  Understanding the energy market can be incredibly complex, but Enel's coaching was tremendously helpful in understanding how to effectively navigate the markets.” 

Ecobat evolved their energy strategy over time by leveraging Enel to take advantage of new opportunities and continually add value in a number of ways:

Procurement and advisory to lower pricing and risk

Enel began their relationship with Ecobat almost five years ago, helping them conduct energy procurement. Enel’s expertise surrounding the complexities of the energy market initially allowed them to find better energy prices. Soon the relationship expanded into a broader advisory role on energy strategy, as Enel worked with Ecobat to mitigate their price risk in energy markets.

Bilal works with Enel in a variety of capacities in his role. He says the broad view of the energy industry that Enel has given him has been extremely beneficial.

“When I began at Ecobat, we were looking for a partner who could optimize our approach to energy,” he said. “As energy prices started to escalate in recent years, the work that we’ve done has allowed us to mitigate some of the impact of those prices on our business. Enel has given us the tools to help mitigate the effects of ongoing global inflation.”

Once Ecobat saw the benefits of their initial work with Enel, they expanded the relationship into Utility Bill Management (UBM). UBM is a comprehensive solution that collects Ecobat’s bills and bill data in one centralized location, automatically paying their bills for them and enabling insight from aggregated data.

Demand response to generate new revenue

As Ecobat’s relationship with Enel grew deeper, they looked to Enel for new energy opportunities. Ecobat soon enrolled in demand response (DR) with Enel, which allows organizations to earn money for decreasing their energy use at times of grid stress. Previously, Ecobat hadn’t been able to enroll in New York’s DR program because of restrictions over their equipment.

Carter Johnson, purchasing manager at Ecobat, said that Enel’s ability to come up with a solution exemplified the creativity they show in their integrated offering across products.

“Integrating across products with Enel has major benefits,” Johnson said. “In New York, we saw an opportunity to upgrade our generators to participate in demand response. Enel was able to provide an accessible financing agreement that enabled us to update our generation equipment while avoiding capital outlays.”

I have learned how volatile energy markets are and how essential it is to have a long-term strategy to mitigate exposure.
— John Bilal, Director of Supply Chain Operations for Ecobat

Solar PV and battery storage to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability

As Ecobat saw the value in the new opportunities Enel identified, they looked to expand into a combination solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery storage system. A solar PV and battery storage system decreases energy costs and boosts sustainability by using less energy from the grid when prices are high, either by running on solar generation or energy stored in the battery system. For Ecobat, there were a variety of benefits to this solution, including sustainability.

“As a lead battery company we are very cognizant of our environmental impact,” Johnson said. “It’s a motivation for moving into products like solar and demand response.”

Always looking for the next opportunity

The relationship between Ecobat and Enel has continued to expand, and the teams now work together to implement solutions across North America and Europe. With Enel’s deep knowledge of Ecobat’s business and strategy, they are always on the lookout for Ecobat’s next opportunity.

“I would most definitely recommend Enel,” Johnson said. “Enel is an educated, experienced partner that can provide us the subject matter expertise critical to our success.”

Before partnering with Enel, Ecobat approached the energy procurement strategy on a site-by-site basis. Partnering with Enel has allowed Ecobat to focus its efforts by centralizing its procurement strategy, save money on their energy costs, maintain stable operations within their facilities, effectively navigate some of the volatile energy markets, and build out their solar and battery storage implementation strategy.

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