How to evaluate your energy resilience needs

02 15, 2023

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As the energy landscape transforms in the face of extreme weather, changing resource mix, and energy price volatility, energy resilience is growing increasingly more important. Yet many organizations do not know how to assess which energy resilience solutions best align with their priorities and requirements.

In the past, “energy resilience” was considered the ability to withstand local power outages and keep power flowing to maintain business operations. But in today’s world, organizations should be working toward energy resilience in broader terms to handle the varied energy challenges that will be growing throughout the coming years. 

In this eBook, Enel North America provides a guide to energy resilience and how you can identify the best energy resilience solution to safeguard your organization from energy supply interruptions, energy market volatility, and regulatory risks. Topics include:

  • Why true energy resilience requires operational resilience, economic resilience, and regulatory resilience
  • How you can choose the right energy resilience solutions, with a visual decision tree to guide you through each step
  • A walkthrough of the various energy solutions that can provide energy resilience to your organization

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