Our history accelerates our journey toward a clean energy future

For over 20 years, Enel North America has supported the clean energy transition in the US and Canada, first as an early pioneer in renewables to becoming one of the top clean energy companies accelerating the electrification of the economy today.

Major Milestones

Building a brighter future, one year at a time

From building the first triple hybrid power plant worldwide in Nevada to powering race cars on the streets of Brooklyn, Enel North America’s history has centered around advancing a more sustainable energy future in the US and Canada since the start of the new millennium. 

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Our story keeps getting better

Enel North America’s History

Leading the energy transition many said was impossible

In the last two decades, the Enel team has led the way to a more sustainable future, challenging the status quo to address the climate crisis. To put things in perspective, we asked our very own Stephen Pike, one of the first Enel North America employees, to make a special phone call that takes us back to where it all started.

The clean energy leader and innovator

Enel in North America

We’re here to build a brighter future

Our Purpose