Demand Response

Earn payments for reducing energy consumption through demand response programs, while supporting grid flexibility and reliability.

What Is Demand Response?

Get Paid for Your Flexibility

With most commodities, value is determined by two key factors: price and quantity. But when it comes to energy, a third component – time – plays a big role. When facilities use energy is just as important as the price they pay for it and how much they use. Ultimately, a facility’s ability to be flexible about when they use energy represents both a value and a cost.

Utility and grid-sponsored demand response (DR) programs allow organizations to monetize that flexibility. DR programs provide payments to large energy consumers that agree to reduce their energy demand during times of electricity grid stress to help the grid remain in balance and avoid blackouts – a win-win for both organizations looking to boost their bottom line, and the communities they serve.

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How It Works

How Does Demand Response Work?

Demand response plays a large role in enabling a more resilient and flexible grid. Supply and demand for electricity must remain in balance – when demand goes up (due to an increase in energy usage during a heat wave, or due to a decrease in supply when a transmission line goes down) utilities and grid operators have a few options – risk a blackout, buy electricity in open markets, fire up a fossil fuel powered peaking power plant, or dispatch a demand response network.

When the grid anticipates the need for support, it dispatches a signal to its demand response providers, like Enel North America. Enel then alerts you via phone/email/SMS that the dispatch will begin and how long it will last. Once you acknowledge the notification, you’re ready to respond. At the start of the dispatch, your facility will reduce its electricity usage according to your pre-determined energy reduction plan. Once the dispatch is over, you receive a notification that you can return to normal operations.


The Value of Demand Response

Generate Revenue

DR programs pay large energy users to reduce consumption to help the grid balance supply and demand.

Reduce Operating Costs

Less money spent on overhead costs – like energy – boosts the bottom line and unlocks additional opportunities.

Receive Advance Warning of Grid Issues

DR is one of the last lines of defense for grid issues, and notifications enable energy managers to protect operations.

Support a More Resilient Electricity Grid

DR contributes to a cleaner, more reliable and flexible grid. It is also a cost-effective alternative to building new power plants.

Create An Energy Reduction Strategy

Through DR, design an energy reduction strategy based on operations, safety, and comfort. 

Monetize Demand Management

Save on-bill through avoidance of peak demand charges and real-time energy rates.

Gain Access to Real-Time Energy Data

Real-time data access for your facility helps you understand how you use energy and maximizes efficiency.

Support Your Local Community

Participating in DR helps to contribute toward a reliable electricity grid for your community.

Why Enel North America

We Are Your Partner for Demand Response

Enel North America works with organizations to develop participation plans that maximize earnings while minimizing operational disruption. We will work with you to identify ways to reduce non-essential energy without affecting business operations, comfort, or product quality.

We customize energy reduction measures for each unique facility and can include turning off lighting, air conditioning, pumps, and other non-essential equipment. Many facilities find that energy-intensive processes can simply be shifted by a few hours to facilitate dispatch participation. In some geographic areas, facilities may participate by switching to backup generation, thereby reducing demand on the grid. We will work with your facility to create a customized participation strategy that works for you. 

Enel North America protects your organization from penalties and other costs associated with participation. Not all demand response providers are created equal, and with Enel North America, your priorities are our priorities. Our demand response programs ensure your best interests are secured. With Enel North America, your business is protected.

Enel North America provides more access to DR programs worldwide than any other provider. We leverage our portfolio size on your behalf to ensure market access for all customers, no matter their load profile. This is demand response that was built with organizations like yours in mind. Energy savings start with customer satisfaction, which is why the demand response services provided by Enel North America put customer needs first.

Complex processes need a simplified approach. Enel’s demand response platform provides you with access to your energy reduction plan, earnings, and a real-time view into your performance – all in one place. Being able to see your dispatch performance in real-time helps you identify and address any issues to maximize your financial opportunity. 

  • Track earnings – Access statements and all demand response earnings. 
  • Monitor performance – Track performance in real time during any events. 
  • Self-serve – Update your contact, site, or participation information at any time.  
  • View data 24/7 – Real-time data access for your facility helps you understand how you use energy and maximizes efficiency.

Enel North America’s team of experts helps you navigate the complex energy landscape. Decades of experience allow for the best solutions and answers when questions arise. We make program participation easy and provide the expertise you need to get the most out of demand response.

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