Life and careers at Enel North America

At Enel, we’re driven by our mission to build a clean, electrified future. Here, you’ll find a team that believes in creating a sustainable tomorrow and a career that’ll give you the power to do it. Are you in?

Our Promise

Join us to change to the world

No one said changing the world would be easy. At Enel, we’re tackling climate change by building an electrified economy that runs on clean energy – and welcome anyone who wants to play a part.

Being on our team means making the most sustainable progress across the energy landscape. It means valuing innovation, adaptability and safety in all we do.

And it means collaborating across cultures and gaining different perspectives from your own.

The challenge is personal, but we’ll solve it together.

Enel gives you the power to change the world.

How We Work

Inspiring passion. Igniting change.

We embody teamwork and collaboration. When you join Enel, you join a group of people with the same vested interest in powering the transition to a fully electrified future and ensuring it’s accessible to all. A team that thinks change is possible. Our global presence provides a diverse network while our various energy solutions unlock different opportunities for professional growth.

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Our Stories

Celebrating our people and culture

Our Passion


The work we do has a direct impact on our lives and the planet. It’s more than work; it’s a mission to combat the climate crisis and build a brighter future for all. Are you in?
Our Values

Our approach to progress

Applying for a job shouldn’t be complicated. We make it easy to search for open positions, learn about the desired qualifications and expectations and upload and submit your resume and application. All applicants receive a confirmation email within the same day. After we’ve reviewed your resume and application, we’ll contact you about your next steps. We’re committed to staying transparent and communicative throughout the hiring process.



Our relationships transcend borders. We all work to build trust across teams and with the communities in which we live and work.



Each of us is responsible for the health of our planet. At Enel, every team member challenges themselves to advance solutions to drive not just a fully electrified future but an equitable one as well.



Challenges foster ingenuity — something that’s proven true since our founding. With the right mindset and resources, we believe our impact is boundless.



We don’t wait for what comes next; we create it. Thinking beyond our current reality is how we develop revolutionary integrated energy services and lead positive change.

We want you to choose us

Work at Enel

Embrace differences to make a difference

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion