Open Power for a brighter future. We empower sustainable progress

We are Open Power to improve the future for everyone, to drive sustainable progress, to leave no one behind and to make the planet a better place for future generations.

Our Vision

An electric, clean energy future where everyone is connected

We have worked to bring new and innovative technologies to life, making energy more reliable, affordable and sustainable. Our goal? Enable businesses, communities and individuals to thrive by connecting them to electricity.

Today, we are at the dawn of a new era of energy, one that is electric and open to participation, where everyone is connected and can play their part to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges. This is Open Power.

Openness is the key feature of our strategy. We are therefore ensuring that our solutions reach more and more people in an increasing number of cities and communities, boosting local economies, creating more jobs and broadening access to electric, clean energy.

Our Mission

Opening energy access to all

There’s no time like the present to accomplish our mission: opening energy access to everyone everywhere to ensure a just energy transition that is accessible to all. This is how we are doing it:

We are opening energy access to more people

We are widening our reach to connect more communities to reliable and sustainable energy as we grow across the region. 

We are opening the world of energy to new technologies

We are pioneering the development and implementation of groundbreaking technologies for more sustainable energy generation and distribution through renewable energy, smart EV charging and smart energy solutions.

We are opening new ways for people to manage energy

We are designing new methods that help consumers, communities and partners create, use and manage energy in an efficient, smart and more sustainable way that meets their needs. 

We are opening new uses of energy

We are developing new energy services and solutions to tackle the most pressing global challenges, focusing especially on connectivity and electric transportation.

We are opening new partnerships

We are collaborating with a network of partners in research, technology, product development and marketing with the aim of creating new solutions together.

Where will your power take you?

With decarbonization, electrification and digitalization we have been opening new doors to drive a clean energy transition. Today we have the power to create a different tomorrow. 

Sustainability is not just a fancy tagline or a model. It is a mindset. At Enel, we're committed to support customers and cities in their progress and evolution towards integrating sustainability into their operations.
— Marcus Krembs, Head of Sustainability at Enel North America

Sustainability is our core business

Today’s world is one of action – to lead change, it’s not enough to talk the talk.

We have placed environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center of everything we do, implementing a sustainable development system that is based on the creation of shared value, for the company and all its stakeholders.

This is how we walk the walk. 

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