Solar + Storage

Maximize the environmental and economic value of your solar PV system by pairing it with a battery energy storage system.

What Is Solar + Storage?

Maximize Your Consumption of Renewable Energy

Faced with rising stakeholder demands to reduce their carbon footprint, many organizations are implementing on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. By leveraging solar power instead of grid power, organizations can generate inexpensive energy from a renewable source while decarbonizing day-to-day operations. However, solar power generation is limited at night or during cloudy days.

Integrating energy storage and solar PV increases a facility’s consumption of solar power (boosting sustainability) and enables more flexible shifting of net load (reducing energy and capacity costs). Enel North America leverages our extensive market access and expertise to unlock further value – enabling organizations to earn payments through demand response and other energy market programs.

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How It Works

How Does Solar + Storage Work?

Integrating energy storage and solar PV amplifies the benefits of both technologies, and organizations can see far greater benefits than with each technology alone. A solar PV system by itself produces intermittent power and sometimes wastes valuable renewable energy when it generates more than is used. An energy storage system by itself, when charging from the grid, does not add sustainability value.

When paired together, solar PV and energy storage become both sustainable and flexible. Instead of charging with grid energy, energy storage assets can charge from solar power when there is generation and discharge the stored solar power when there is no generation. In this way, the combined solar and storage system uses all the power generated by renewable sources (boosting sustainability) and replaces grid power with lower-cost solar power (reducing energy costs). Enel’s intelligent optimization software uses advanced machine learning techniques to co-optimize your facility’s solar and storage assets.


The Value of Solar + Storage

Meet Decarbonization Goals

Advance your Scope 2 emissions reduction targets by choosing low-carbon energy sources to power your operations.

Unlock Energy Cost Savings

Reduce energy spend and save on operational costs by leveraging our intelligent optimization software.

Reduce Upfront Costs

Leverage our hybrid Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to reduce upfront costs to zero.

Mitigate Tariff Rate Increases

Leverage our hybrid PPA to lock in a fixed energy rate for a large portion of your energy usage.

Align Your Decarbonization Strategies

Partner with one energy company to ensure alignment and optimization across your distributed energy assets.

Leverage Unprecedented Funding

Capitalize on the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and other incentives by acting now to implement on-site renewable energy solutions.

Why Enel North America

We Are Your Partner for Solar + Storage

Leveraging our 20+ years of experience in demand response and energy market participation, we offer the best market and development expertise to help customers capitalize on the full stacked value of solar + storage. We can help you layer on value streams by understanding the participation rules of market-operator and utility-based programs and recommending a co-optimized asset dispatch. 

Enel’s proprietary operating platform utilizes market-based pricing signals and manages the operation of storage assets to maximize value for the asset owner. Unlike other providers that design dispatch algorithms for peak shaving only, our storage software is designed to optimize multiple value streams simultaneously – and is already supporting global markets across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

As a part of The Enel Group, Enel North America has the backing of more than $100 billion in annual revenue, more than $8 billion in cash on the balance sheet, and an investment grade credit rating of BBB+ from Fitch for our parent company. Our scale in the energy industry combined with our financial strength enable us to navigate the uncertain supply chain environment, identify the best available hardware solutions, and secure best-in-class terms.

Enel North America provides decarbonization solutions and long-term sustainability partnerships that are tailored to your specific needs. Our strong financial profile enables us to offer flexible financing options to access on-site solar and energy storage assets with a tailored approach to risk exposure – and customized commercial terms can be optimized to suit market needs, even during periods of economic uncertainty.

Our robust Regulatory and Governmental Affairs group has been instrumental in defining regulations and advocating for policy to encourage and incentivize the adoption of advanced energy solutions across North America. As members of various organizations and regulatory bodies, we influence policy decisions that impact our customers, allowing us to capitalize on savings and revenue opportunities for our customers while understanding potential regulatory risks.

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