Leading the Texas
Clean Energy Transition

With clean energy solutions in Texas, Enel North America is supporting an affordable and reliable supply of electricity to homes and businesses, powering new opportunities for local communities along the way.

Who We Are

Supplying A Clean
Energy Future

Operating in over 30 countries, Enel is one of the world’s largest and most sustainable energy companies. In North America, Enel has advanced the economic, social and environmental benefits of clean energy for over 20 years. With a full range of clean energy solutions, we’re electrifying the economy and building a zero-emissions future alongside our customers and communities.

Enel North America in Texas

A Clean Energy
Leader in Texas

We’ve proudly operated renewable energy projects in Texas for over 17 years. As one of the largest renewable developers in the US, we deliver long-term projects that tap into Texas’ wind and solar resources to produce clean power that will keep energy costs low. And we combine these with utility-scale battery energy storage that supports a more resilient supply of clean electricity for Texans when the grid is under pressure.

In addition to the environmental and resiliency benefits, our projects bring direct new local jobs, tax revenue, more business for local stores, and new economic and social opportunities to Texas.

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Community Engagement

Building Strong, Resilient
Texas Communities

We’re committed to supporting the social and economic development of the Texas communities where we operate. We work with local landowners, educators, officials, first responders, local business owners and local leaders to create a plan that supports each location’s needs. From providing school scholarships and reskilling programs to support a just job energy transition to supporting local farmers markets and hospitals, we want Texas communities to thrive in the clean energy economy. Watch what our Texas partners have to say about our community engagement.

Clean Energy Solutions

Texas Energy Solutions for Flexibility, Resilience and Sustainability

Enel North America has the expertise, resources, and scale to deliver on-site and off-site solutions across the energy transition roadmap. With deep expertise across the energy value chain, we deliver a full range of energy solutions that enable organizations in Texas to create competitive advantage by enabling them to have more flexibility in how they acquire and use energy, become more resilient, and advance their decarbonization journey.

Demand Response (DR)

Earn payments for reducing consumption during times of grid stress – Texas utilities like ERCOT and AEP offer DR programs that enable you to unlock revenue opportunities while supporting grid reliability in your community.

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Solar + Storage

Unlock economic value by generating and storing renewable energy and then dispatching it at expensive peak price times on the Texas grid – unprecedented funding for on-site solutions is available through the Inflation Reduction Act.

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Utility-Scale Renewables

Become an offtaker of our renewable energy projects in Texas to meet your renewable electricity needs and decarbonization goals – while supporting your local economy and creating jobs.

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Retail Energy Supply

Unlock energy savings, manage financial risk, and advance your sustainability goals with competitively priced energy from assets that include Enel’s own renewable generation assets in Texas.

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