Utility-Scale Renewables

Meet your renewable electricity needs and decarbonization goals with a single virtual power purchase agreement.

What Is a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA)?

An Efficient Way to Meet Decarbonization Goals

Faced with energy price volatility, market uncertainty, and stakeholder demands for sustainability, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to minimize risk and align with decarbonization targets. VPPAs enable organizations with geographically dispersed facilities to meet their renewable electricity needs while unlocking economic and sustainability benefits in line with their strategy.

A VPPA delivers the environmental benefits of a renewable energy project to your organization, while electricity generated by the project flows to the grid. VPPAs do not change how organizations power their facilities. Decoupling your facility load from the renewable project provides possibilities that are difficult to achieve in other ways, making VPPAs popular renewable energy solutions.

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How It Works

How Does a VPPA Work?

A VPPA is a financial contract also known as a Contract for Differences (CFD). With a CFD, the financial flows depend on the difference between a fixed strike price per megawatt hour (MWh) agreed upon by your organization and Enel North America, and the variable market price in the local power market.


The Value of Utility-Scale Renewables

Meet Your Sustainability and Decarbonization Targets

Advance Scope 2 emissions reduction targets by choosing renewable electricity to power your operations.

Simplify Renewable Energy Purchasing

Use one VPPA contract to meet your renewable electricity needs by aggregating load across multiple geographically dispersed facilities.

Support Your Local Economy and Create Jobs

Partner with Enel North America to create local jobs and benefit local communities via our Creating Shared Value approach to business.

Make Renewable Energy Purchasing Efficient

Use VPPAs to meet your renewable energy purchasing goals quickly and efficiently. 

Enhance Your Organization’s Reputation

Receive environmental attributes (RECs) equal to the amount of energy purchased via a VPPA.

Mitigate Financial Risk During Volatility

Benefit from stable energy costs. Work with Enel’s trading desk to customize the contract structure in line with your appetite for risk.

Receive Proof of Impact, Locationality

As an offtaker for new renewable energy projects, benefit from additionality and project-specific marketing rights. For more impact, add renewables to your regional power grid.

Benefit from Economies of Scale

Partner with other organizations on VPPAs to take advantage of benefits created by large renewable energy projects.

Why Enel North America

We Are Your Partner for Utility-Scale Renewables

The world’s largest retail energy provider, Enel is rapidly growing with a pipeline of new diverse projects across North America.

From project development to second-life applications of our assets, sustainability is at the center of everything we do. Our community partnerships create positive environmental and social impacts and contribute to a just energy transition.

Enel has a strong balance sheet and can weather short-term economic disruptions, ensuring continuity of energy supply.

Our markets and regulatory intelligence and in-house trading desk manage risk and help you take advantage of opportunities. We provide decarbonization solutions and long-term sustainability partnerships, tailored to your specific needs.

Through our integrated approach, we offer a portfolio of solutions to lead you on your decarbonization journey.

Our communications and marketing teams will work with you to promote your sustainability achievements.

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