Gillette  Stadium wins with sustainability

Gillette Stadium wins with sustainability

Gillette Stadium is the name and sustainability the game

Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and Patriot Place and one of the U.S.’ most well-known venues, was built with sustainability top of mind. As the Official Energy Partner of Kraft Sports + Entertainment, Enel is powering a more sustainable experience at the venue by adding a suite of clean energy solutions. These solutions reduce the stadium’s environmental impact, support a cleaner and resilient local electrical grid, and create a new stream of revenues. A hat-trick for sustainability.


“Kraft Sports + Entertainment has made increased sustainability a top priority since the creation of Gillette Stadium and Patriot Place, and it remains one today. We’re excited to expand our partnership with Enel as we look to further these efforts through renewable energy credits and provide Patriot and Revolution fans with the most sustainable sporting and entertainment experience possible.” 
– Murray Kohl, Vice President of Sales for Kraft Sports + Entertainment



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Playing its own game for Massachusetts

Gillette Stadium is enrolled in Enel X’s demand response program in Massachusetts, helping to meet the grid’s needs during peak demand periods, such as the recent heat waves that the region experienced, while providing the stadium with payments for powering down non-essential areas when needed.

The JuiceBox Pro smart charging station, powered by JuiceNet software, provides visitors to Patriot Place with access to a grid-connected smart charging solution free of charge. The JuiceNet platform monitors historical charging patterns, acquires real-time input and signals from the electric grid to aggregate and manage charging station demand, allowing Kraft Sports + Entertainment to support the local utility’s peak electricity demand management by charging vehicles at times when electricity costs are lower and renewable energy is most available.

Through the partnership with Enel, Gillette Stadium supports a more reliable, sustainable, and affordable electric grid in its community.

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