04 11, 2023

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Andover, MA – April 11, 2023 – Enel North America, a leading energy services company and renewables developer in North America, has partnered with Phoenix Energy Technologies to simplify, automate, and scale revenue-generating demand response (DR) opportunities for businesses and organizations with operations spanning multiple locations – such as retailers, grocery chains, schools, banks, and more.

Phoenix’s Demand Manager application helps businesses with multiple locations and disjointed energy systems better understand and more easily manage their energy usage across sites by creating a unified control layer, increasing energy efficiency and cost savings. When combined with Enel’s leading demand response services, businesses using Phoenix’s Demand Manager can earn additional revenue by enrolling in multiple lucrative utility and wholesale DR programs across North America. Together, Enel and Phoenix can help businesses implement curtailment strategies – such as HVAC load cycling, load rolling, and load shifting – to maximize earnings while respecting operational and comfort constraints.

With access to more wholesale and utility DR programs than any other aggregator and decades of experience managing customer DR participation, Enel is uniquely positioned to help businesses maximize their DR earnings without disrupting operations or patron experience. Phoenix’s Demand Manager application complements Enel’s DR services and provides us with the ability to better serve businesses with complex energy systems spanning multiple locations. — Molly Jerrard, Head of Demand Response at Enel North America

Phoenix is excited to announce this partnership with Enel, who not only will offer Phoenix customers significantly broader demand response market access but also access to their impressive distributed energy resources portfolio. Conversely, we look forward to working with Enel customers to help them aggregate multi-site portfolios using our software platform, EDX, to simplify and augment their DR market participation. — Ryan Adelman, Vice President, Business and Corporate Development at Phoenix

A leader in DR, Enel manages 4.7 GW of DR capacity across North America and around 8.5 GW globally. In 2022 alone, Enel managed their customer participation in over 700 DR events across North America, totaling 3,406 hours and 47,609 MWh dispatched – earning their customers over $150 million in revenue.

Learn more about Enel's demand response services.

About Enel in North America

Enel North America, part of the Enel Group, is a clean energy leader in North America and is working to electrify the economy and build a net-zero carbon future by decarbonizing energy supply, electrifying transportation, creating resilient grids, and promoting a just, equitable transition. Enel North America serves over 4,500 businesses, utilities, and cities through renewable power generation, demand response, distributed energy resources, smart e-mobility solutions and services, energy trading, advisory and consulting services, and more. Its portfolio includes over 9.6 GW of utility-scale renewable capacity, 606 MW / 910 MWh of utility-scale energy storage and 76 MW / 174 MWh of distributed energy storage capacity, 4.7 GW of demand response capacity, and 170,000 electric vehicle charging stations. Visit enelnorthamerica.com and follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube to learn more. 


About Phoenix Energy Technologies

Phoenix Energy Technologies has been providing Smart Building IoT analytics solutions to customers for more than 15 years. Phoenix Energy Technologies pairs industry expertise with solutions that are uniquely capable of integrating new and existing systems to create a seamless web-based platform that drive cost efficiencies and improve comfort. The Company’s EnterpriseDX® IoT data platform generates ROI for customers by optimizing equipment efficiency that reduces energy costs, decreases repair and maintenance spend and lowers capex by extending the life of assets. For more information about Phoenix Energy Technologies, visit http://www.phoenixet.com

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