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Reshape the electric power sector

Enel is helping utilities meet the reliability demands of the present, while providing the expertise and solutions utilities need to successfully meet the demands of a 100% clean and electrified future. With our expertise and integrated portfolio solutions, utilities can reach their decarbonization goals, increase resiliency and provide their customers with a more sustainable and reliable service.

Purchase clean energy to decarbonize your electricity supply

With more than 20 years of renewable energy experience, a diverse project portfolio and a unique business model that embeds sustainable practices throughout our value chain, Enel is able to tailor renewable energy solutions to help you meet your renewable portfolio standard and more.

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Faster EV charging solutions to meet your customers’ electrification needs

Enel helps utilities introduce, manage, and grow smart EV charging programs that support grid health, customer needs, and the environment. Our quicker charging solutions and intelligent software provides robust energy service features to help you optimize residential and commercial EV load management and support grid reliability.

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Deploy distributed energy solutions for a cleaner, more resilient grid

Let’s face it, from EV charging, to demand response, and on-site energy storage, energy consumers are taking a more proactive and participatory role in how they manage their electricity consumption. Enel can help you navigate this new complex energy landscape with the expertise, solutions, and technology to capitalize on distributed energy resources, making the grid cleaner, more flexible and more resilient.  

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Increase competitiveness and transparency with auction-based energy procurement

With its industry-leading online platform, Enel partners with North America’s leading utilities to make buying renewables, natural gas, electricity and financial products faster, easier, more competitive, and more cost effective. From utility-scale energy purchases to spot buys, Enel’s program knowledge and advanced auction technology make each procurement successful, fair, and auditable.

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Your wholesale energy partner

As an experienced, knowledgeable and active participant in wholesale energy markets, Enel is well-positioned to provide you with the source of energy you need, when you need it. Enel’s customized energy supply solutions maximize the value of your renewable energy purchase to help you meet your goals in the most cost-efficient way.

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Accelerate the digitalization of your electricity distribution networks

By leveraging the expertise of the Enel Group, the largest privately owned operator of distribution grids in the world, we help Distribution System Operators (DSOs) accelerate the transformation of their electricity distribution networks and deliver a new era of sustainable and reliable smart grids. From metering and grid edge digitalization to field operations digitalization we enable smart grids.

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The Partner of choice to achieve your sustainability goals

No matter the size of your organization, which industry you belong to, or where you are in your sustainability journey, Enel has the strongest integrated energy offering to tailor a solution that meets your unique needs. See why our customers choose Enel as their energy partner time and time again.

Optimize your value

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