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Companies big and small have chosen Enel North America to meet their energy needs because they know that our unparalleled expertise, experience and solutions strengthen their business while being at the service of the planet and its people.


Turning ambition into action, together

It’s not just about setting a sustainability roadmap and reaching an environmental goal. Today, it’s about transforming your climate ambition into a long-term solution that overcomes the complexity of the energy market, achieves your sustainability goals and unlocks new business opportunities across the energy value chain.

Sounds difficult? At Enel, we simplified sustainability. Join more than 3,000 organizations that are writing their decarbonization success story with us.

Why Partner with Us?

We are the one-stop-shop for sustainable energy solutions

We know you have options when it comes to choosing a sustainable energy partner. The enduring value Enel North America creates through its holistic, integrated approach makes us stand out from the crowd.

And we are not stopping there; here are more bold reasons to partner with us:

Sustainability at the Core

Our expertise is born from extensive experience of striving in meeting sustainability goals. Enel is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2040, delivering sustainable energy, enabling sustainable cities and communities, and creating shared value where we operate.

Our own investments in decarbonization, electrification and resiliency are accelerating the energy transition, enabling businesses, cities, utilities and consumers to maximize their own sustainable investments.

Long-Term Thinking

With Enel’s strategic mindset, you can be sure that we’ll deliver solutions with responsiveness that address your climate needs but that have a long-term vision and the flexibility to evolve according to the market context and your new energy demands. By constantly innovating new solutions with cleantech startups and expanding our portfolio of integrated offers, we can help your business find a durable strategy that’s right for you.

Global Experience

As a global clean energy leader, Enel has the expertise of working with different markets and customer needs across the globe. The solutions we design in North America are created with the know-how of global, Enel experts and the case studies we have developed internationally. Moreover, if your organization is global, we can find synergies across our offices in 31 countries on five continents.

Customized and Customer-Centric

Enel’s solutions are designed keeping in mind that every customer is different and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. Enel experts deep dive into the energy challenges your organization is facing, bringing all our experts to the table across our integrated business, to deliver a sustainable energy solution that adapts to your needs, achieves your sustainability goals, and benefits the bottom line. Our integrated approach allows us to introduce synergies you didn’t think were possible.   

Our Partners

Success Stories from those who trust Enel

More than 3,400 organizations in North America, including leading global brands, have chosen Enel to accelerate their sustainability goals.  

Through tailor-made solutions that address unique energy challenges, our partners are proving that sustainability is good for business. 

A Winning Solution

Welcome to Gillette Stadium, home to sustainability

As the Official Energy Partner of Kraft Sports + Entertainment, Enel is stepping up their sustainability game by winning over fans with clean energy solutions that reduce the stadium’s environmental impact, support a cleaner and resilient local electrical grid and create a new stream of revenues.

Reimagine your customer experience

Whether it be smart chargers for electric cars or renewable energy for company operations, at Enel, we are teaming up with our partners to transform the way that energy is used to make smarter, more sustainable choices available for consumers to enjoy. Take a look at the innovative and bold companies investing in making their customers’ lives easier, increasingly connected and more sustainable with our energy.

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