How we’re unlocking clean electrification in North America

How we’re unlocking clean electrification in North America

Enel North America has experienced tremendous growth over the past year. As we look to what lies ahead, we’re inspired by what we’ve learned and by the possibilities that exist. With a growing team and shared passion for driving a more sustainable tomorrow, we’re continuing to change the world. 

At Enel North America, we're inspired by what we learned in 2021 and the possibilities ahead in this new year. We currently find ourselves at a tipping point in the North American region with exciting changes taking shape and enormous amount of effort required to get to where we want to be. 


Where We’ve Been

Our company has undergone unprecedented change in North America. In addition to bringing together different business lines under the Enel North America umbrella, we’ve experienced huge business growth, despite the ongoing pandemic. As of the end of 2021, we successfully added 1.3 GW of solar and wind capacity, as well as 286 MW of battery capacity to our portfolio.


We started operations for our first renewables-plus-storage project, Lily, and acquired a 3.2 GW development pipeline from Dakota Power Partners. This acquisition enabled us to expand our presence in new regions and established us as the largest developer in New Jersey and West Virginia. Last year, we also hit a milestone in surpassing 98,300 private smart electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and formally entered the Canadian EV charging market. 

Despite the constraints of the pandemic and what has been dubbed “The Great Resignation,” we grew our team by 275 positions. Our expanding team of dedicated professionals, their passion and their fortitude have made these accomplishments, and more, possible. 

Internally, we made a concerted effort to dig into what our employees need from Enel and the leadership team. In 2021, we committed to understanding what it is that we should truly promise to each of the members of our Enel North America team. What can we say, reasonably and passionately, that our employees should experience at Enel North America?  



No one said changing the world would be easy. At Enel, we’re tackling climate change by building an electrified economy that runs on clean energy – and welcome anyone who wants to play a part. Being on our team means making the most sustainable progress across the energy landscape. It means valuing innovation, adaptability, and safety in all we do. And it means collaborating across cultures and gaining perspective different from your own. The challenge is personal, but we’ll solve it together. Enel gives you the power to change the world. 



Our people helped us answer this question by participating in a cultural assessment and group interviews. From our findings, we were able to craft what we believe to be an authentic and inclusive promise to Enel NA employees of what they will have the opportunity to do – change the world – by being a part of our team.


Where We’re Going  

So, where are we headed next? First, we’ll continue our work on enhancing the employee experience. This means holding leadership and business lines accountable for living the values and priorities we identified through our internal analysis. In addition to improving employee communications across the company, we’ll focus on creating new ways to recognize outstanding work and make discussions around changing our culture for the better part of our overall business objectives.  


We’ll also be focused on hiring to support our significant business growth and expect to increase our workforce by more than 30% in 2022. A large part of our hiring efforts will be looking at a more diverse talent pipeline. It’s with diversity of thought, backgrounds and experiences that we can truly drive the transition to an electrified economy.  

From a broader business perspective, over the next couple of years, we expect to support more company leaders with a unique integrated offering that combines renewables, flexibility, smart EV charging, and commodity management. Overall, we anticipate that the organic growth of renewables, utility-scale storage, energy services, and transportation electrification will drive around an $8.3 billion investment in the region.  

Over the next three years, we can expect an additional 6.5 GW of renewables and 1.4 GW of combined storage — more than twice what we’ve seen in the three years prior. Enel Green Power is leveraging a strong pipeline of projects, expanded execution, and operational capabilities across the US and Canada to manage this increase. 

We’re also planning to go all-in when it comes to electrifying transportation. By 2024, Enel X will add more than 300,000 smart EV chargers in the region, four times that of the current number. These additional chargers will support the entrance of new EV models and help accelerate the transition to clean, smart electric transportation for all. Enel X will also continue to leverage our commodity and beyond commodity products and services to support customers’ electrification and sustainable transformation needs. 


The Team That Makes the Difference

We see a bright, more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future ahead of us. But it’s through the dedication and passion of our team that we can take these goals and initiatives from paper to reality. After the past year, the Enel North America team is even more invigorated to tackle whatever challenges lay ahead and take advantage of the opportunities that await. Together, we continue to change the world. 


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