Enel Green Power pairs renewable energy with storage, adding grid resiliency in Texas

Enel Green Power has started operations at the Lily solar + storage project in Texas, its first utility-scale renewables + storage project in North America, along with the Rockhaven wind project in Oklahoma.

Boston, December 21, 2021 – Enel Green Power North America has begun operating two new clean power plants, including its first renewables-plus-storage hybrid project. The new additions come as the company embarks on an accelerated growth plan involving the addition of 6.5 GW of new renewable capacity and 1.4 GW of energy storage over the next three years.

The 181 MW Lily solar + storage project, located east of Dallas, Texas, is the company’s first hybrid project in North America that integrates a renewable energy plant with utility-scale battery storage. The project includes 55 MWdc of battery storage, part of Enel’s installation of around 600 MW of new storage capacity on the Texas power grid by 2022. Enel also began operations of the 140 MW Rockhaven wind farm in Oklahoma.

This milestone signals a new era for our company as we start delivering on our major commitment to grid-scale battery storage in the United States. By pairing renewable energy with storage technology, we are supporting a cleaner and more flexible grid,” said Paolo Romanacci, Head of Enel Green Power in the US and Canada. “We are ready to answer the call of policymakers and business leaders to accelerate the energy transition in North America. As such, we are committing more investment than ever before to achieve accelerated growth targets.”

Enel Green Power is North America’s fifth-largest operator of wind and solar plants and is executing on a growth strategy of adding 6.5 GW of new renewables and 1.4 GW of storage capacity by the end of 2024, in an $8 billion growth plan announced in November. Enel has over 2 GW of new wind and solar capacity currently under construction in the US and Canada, along with over 550 MW of battery storage capacity in Texas. The company currently has a mature development pipeline of around 12 GW and is a key part of Enel’s global goal to achieve around 155 GW of installed renewable capacity by the end of the decade. Meanwhile, Enel continues to prioritize sustainability throughout the value chain in North America, supporting innovative programs like dual-use solar and investing in the resiliency of local communities through its Creating Shared Value model.

Located southeast of Dallas in Kaufman County, Texas, the Lily solar + storage project comprises a 181 MW[1] photovoltaic (PV) facility paired with a 55 MW[2] battery. The project’s 421,400 PV bifacial panels are expected to generate over 367 GWh each year, which will be delivered to the grid and will charge the co-located battery, equivalent to avoiding the annual emission of over 242,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The battery storage system can dispatch electricity when solar power generation is low, while also providing the grid access to a clean supply of electricity during periods of high demand.

The Lily solar project was initiated and developed by Red River Renewable Energy, LLC, a joint venture among affiliates of Sun Chase Power and MAP® Energy, LLC.

The Rockhaven wind farm, located in Murray and Carter counties in Oklahoma, includes 49 turbines that are expected to generate 616 GWh of energy each year, enough to avoid over 359,000 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Through a first-of-its-kind virtual PPA, Wellington Management will purchase the electricity delivered to the grid by an 11 MW portion of the project. The clean energy contracted for Wellington Management is expected to equal or exceed the electricity needs for all of their US corporate offices as well as residential electricity usage of more than 2,200 employees in the US. 

Enel is currently constructing five other renewables + storage hybrids in Texas: the Azure Sky solar + storage, Azure Sky wind + storage, Roseland solar + storage, Blue Jay solar + storage and Ranchland wind + storage projects. Additionally, the company is adding to its 500 MW High Lonesome wind farm and 497 MW Roadrunner solar farm in West Texas with a 57 MW battery storage system near each plant. Elsewhere in the United States, the company is building the 250 MW 25 Mile Creek wind project in Oklahoma and the 200 MW Alta Farms wind project in Illinois.


Enel Green Power North America is a leading developer, long-term owner and operator of renewable energy plants in North America, with a presence in 14 US states and one Canadian province. The company operates 61 plants with a managed capacity of over 7.3 GW powered by renewable wind, geothermal and solar energy.



[1] MWdc

[2] MWdc rated power capacity

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