Retail Energy Supply

Unlock energy savings, manage financial risk, and advance your sustainability goals by powering your operations with low-carbon energy from Enel North America’s renewable assets.

Power your operations with renewable energy

Faced with energy price volatility, market uncertainty, and stakeholder demands for sustainability, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to reduce operational costs, minimize risk, and ensure alignment with decarbonization targets. Purchasing competitively-priced renewable energy can enable organizations to unlock economic and environmental benefits in line with their energy strategy.

Enel North America leverages our expertise as the world’s largest retail provider to supply renewable energy to organizations in the United States. Through our retail energy offering, organizations can purchase clean energy directly from our renewable energy generation assets in North America to reduce energy costs, minimize risk in uncertain and volatile markets, and meet stakeholder demands for sustainability.

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Our customers are increasingly seeking alternative ways to purchase renewable energy without having to take a long-term financial position in today’s increasingly volatile and uncertain market. While we continue to be a market leader in PPAs, that structure may not be the best fit for every customer. The launch of Enel’s retail offering enables us to meet the needs of all our customers and support them through their entire decarbonization journey.
— Greg Rizzo, Head of PPA and Renewable Energy Solutions, Enel North America

Benefits of retail energy supply from Enel North America

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Unlock energy cost savings

Reduce energy spend and save on operational costs by leveraging competitively-priced renewable energy.

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Meet your sustainability goals

Advance your Scope 2 decarbonization targets by choosing low-carbon energy sources to power day-to-day operations.

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Promote your local economy

Purchase energy from Enel-owned renewable assets to create local jobs and benefit the local community.

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Minimize financial risk during volatility

Meet stakeholder demand to increase sustainability directly without a large financially settled contract.

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Ensure greater control and flexibility

Partner with one company to holistically address all your energy and decarbonization goals.

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Enhance your company’s reputation

Receive environmental attributes (RECs) associated with retail energy purchased for greater transparency.

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Benefit from Enel’s expertise

Leverage our market and regulatory intelligence and in-house trading desk to take advantage of opportunities.

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Earn sustainability marketing rights

Take advantage of opportunities to report on and promote your clean energy and sustainability achievements.

Optimize every lever of your energy portfolio

Advance your energy and decarbonization goals through a single energy company who can tailor an approach to address all of your energy requirements. Enel North America has the expertise, resources and scale to deliver on-site and off-site solutions across the energy transition roadmap.

Through our integrated approach, organizations can purchase clean electricity directly from our renewable energy generation assets while leveraging our expertise to serve and manage energy load. Regardless of where your organization is at in your decarbonization journey, we can help you optimize every lever of your energy portfolio to maximize opportunity. To learn more, explore our Integrated Energy Solutions.

Learn more about advancing your energy and decarbonization strategy with our retail energy solution