Demand Response for Aerospace Facilities

Don’t leave money on the table. Learn how demand response programs enable aerospace facilities to generate revenue by reducing energy consumption.

Are Your Energy Costs Out of This World?

The aerospace industry is a strong driver of economic growth, jobs, and mobility. However, the industry is also one that utilizes a lot of energy. In addition, aerospace facilities face high costs of doing business due to various factors like rising energy costs, the rising cost of raw materials, ongoing regulatory challenges, and growing pressures to decarbonize.

By participating in demand response (DR) programs, you can leverage energy as an asset to drive business growth. DR programs pay aerospace facilities like yours to reduce energy consumption during times of grid stress, which helps the grid remain in balance – meaning the lights stay on – while unlocking a revenue-generating opportunity.

How DR Can Help Aerospace Facilities

Generate New Revenue

DR programs pay you to reduce consumption during periods of grid stress to help the grid balance supply and demand.

Strategize Energy Usage

DR enables you to design an energy reduction strategy based on operations, safety, and comfort.

Monetize Energy Demand

Reducing consumption during peak times enables you to avoid peak demand charges and real-time energy rates.

Access Real-Time Data

Understand how you use energy across your facility and maximize efficiency by leveraging real-time energy data.

Maximize Your Earnings With Enel North America As Your DR Partner

As the world’s largest DR provider, Enel North America will work with you to develop a customized plan that maximizes your earnings while minimizing operational disruption. We provide access to more DR programs worldwide than any other provider. Decades of experience enable us to make participation easy and provide the expertise you need to get the most out of DR.

2022 was a record year for DR events – and the opportunity to generate revenue will only increase as DR events continue to be more frequent. Organizations that don’t participate are leaving money on the table. 

Contact our DR team today to see how much you could earn.

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