Azure Sky Wind + Storage Project

Discover Azure Sky Wind + Storage Project, Enel’s first large-scale hybrid wind project globally, featuring a 350 MW wind + 180 MWh battery storage facility.


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Enel’s first large-scale hybrid wind project

Azure Sky Wind + Storage Project is Enel’s first large-scale hybrid wind project globally, featuring a 350 MW wind + 180 MWh battery storage facility. Located in Throckmorton County, Texas, the project is expected to generate around 1.3 TWh of renewable energy each year. It will produce enough clean energy to meet the electricity needs of over 118,000 US households annually, thereby avoiding more than 842,000 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

Project Story

Our community impact

Enel is committed to creating long-term shared value for the Throckmorton County community. Our primary focus is economic and social impact. Enel is strengthening the community’s long-term resiliency with a strong tax revenue source. The Azure Sky Wind + Storage Project created 350 construction jobs and 20 permanent full-time positions in Operations & Management.

Enel’s other key focus is supporting STEM education at Throckmorton Collegiate ISD. Students of all ages have participated in KidWind events, which will give them the opportunity to learn about renewable energy and engineering, preparing them for new and lucrative careers in a growing field. Our partnership with Texas State Technical College will create additional STEM access through drone demonstration programs and scholarship opportunities.

Whether it’s your customers, your employees or your investors, they’re all expecting some kind of leadership in climate initiatives. Synopsys is answering that call. We are making a difference through investments like this wind farm in addition to our own products that help customers design technology that demands less power.
— Erika Varga McEnroe, Senior Vice President, Synopsys, Inc.

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Our corporate partners and their goals behind their investment in renewables

Global leaders representing a variety of industries are offtakers on our Azure Sky Wind + Storage project – Akamai, MilliporeSigma, Synopsys, Uber, the Kellogg Company, HP Hood, and lululemon. Four of them – Akamai, Synopsys, MilliporeSigma and Uber – signed power purchase agreements with Enel in an aggregation deal, one of the world’s largest. A renewable energy aggregation is a model which enables companies with smaller energy needs to combine their demand to collaboratively purchase renewables at scale.

Discover how the Azure Sky Wind + Storage Project is helping organizations including Akamai Technologies, Synopsys, Inc., and HP Hood meet their sustainability goals.

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