Top 5 energy trends for 2023

02 28, 2023

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Over the past several years, North American energy markets have shifted in response to significant global pressures. Climate change impacts and energy market volatility have prompted government and corporate actions that are creating unique new opportunities and catalyzing clean energy growth across the region. 

To develop an optimal 2023 energy strategy for long-term success, organizations must understand the factors that will determine the future of the energy landscape. 

In this eBook, we highlight the 5 critical trends that experts at Enel North America believe will shape the energy space and inform how organizations address energy costs, flexibility, resilience, and sustainability in 2023 and beyond. Among the topics we analyze:

  • Global climate change, energy market volatility, and the growing need for resilience
  • The increasing demand for renewable energy and storage – and the obstacles on the path forward
  • The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and the new opportunities catalyzing clean energy growth in the United States 
  • And more

Download our eBook now to read our breakdown of these trends and how they are changing the way organizations will develop their energy strategies moving forward.

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