Decarbonization navigator: a toolkit for organizations

08 14, 2023

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Organizations face many challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape. Climate change, energy volatility, stakeholder pressure, and regulatory changes are driving the need for comprehensive energy and sustainability strategies, with decarbonization taking center stage. And every decarbonization roadmap is unique – it should reflect where an organization is in their journey and identify the steps required to advance that journey forward.

Because decarbonization roadmaps should be tailored to where you are in your journey, we’ve designed our eBook in that same manner, providing a practical guide that is specifically tailored to your current state – whether you are just getting started, looking to take your strategy to the next level, or are well along in your journey and are looking to optimize.

You’ll learn:

  • How to build the right energy strategy and select a portfolio of solutions to accelerate your decarbonization journey – wherever you are in the process
  • Specific steps you should be taking as you build and deploy your strategy, tailored to where you are in your decarbonization journey
  • Strategies for gaining stakeholder buy-in, measuring your carbon footprint, setting targets, forging partnerships, creating a solutions-packed roadmap, integrating solutions in a holistic manner for maximum impact, and much more

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