07 19, 2023

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Demand response pays organizations for reducing consumption to support grid flexibility and reliability – but it only succeeds as a program through the combined efforts of all its participants. In 2022, many of our customers went above and beyond in their efforts to support the grid, and their energy reduction had a real impact on keeping energy flowing in their region. 

With our annual Customer Awards, we recognize customers for their significant contributions in 2022. We applaud them on their important efforts that contribute to the reliability and sustainability of the grid.

Market MVP Award Winners

Our Market MVP Award Winners, selected from regions across the U.S. and Canada, are true leaders in their region in curtailing energy use to support the grid. These MVP Award winners kept their local grid stable in important ways, and we recognize the excellent work that they did last year. The winners below were selected both for taking the most MW off the grid in their market during these grid constraints and for exceptional performance throughout the year. 

New England Market MVP: Bally’s Twin River Lincoln

Bally’s Twin River Lincoln is a casino-hotel in Lincoln, Rhode Island. As one of the largest gaming and entertainment venues in Rhode Island with over 162,000 square feet – and one that is open 24-hours each day – Bally’s Twin River Lincoln has many opportunities to curtail load and make important contributions to the reliability of the local grid through demand response.

PJM Emergency Load Response Program MVP: Pactiv Evergreen

With a team of approximately 14,500 employees across more than 50 manufacturing facilities, Pactiv Evergreen is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fresh foodservice and food merchandising products and fresh beverage cartons in North America. Consumers in the U.S. use Pactiv Evergreen products approximately 5 billion times per week. Pactiv Evergreen services a broad and diversified mix of companies, including full-service restaurants, quick service restaurants, foodservice distributors, supermarkets, grocery and food and beverage producers and food processors. Its customers range from large blue-chip multinational companies to national and regional companies to small local businesses. As part of its work, Pactiv Evergreen is committed to offering sustainably manufactured products and sustainable packaging solutions. The company has set an aggressive goal that 100% of its net revenues come from products made with materials that are recycled, recyclable or renewable by 2030. The organization’s participation in demand response aligns with that sustainable mindset, helping the local grid to use energy flexibility as a grid resource.

Salt River Project MVP: Matheson Tri-Gas, Inc.

Matheson Tri-Gas provides complete customer solutions, offering everything from on-site air separation plants to small portable cylinders and all the services required to support these products and customer applications. Matheson has over 300 locations in the U.S. and more than 4500 employees. In Arizona, Matheson significantly reduced energy use when requested for Salt River Project demand response, and their large contribution and consistent effort made them our Market MVP for the region.

New York MVP: Cascades, Inc.

Cascades offers sustainable, innovative and value-added solutions for packaging, hygiene and recovery needs. The company aims to improve the well-being of people, communities, and the planet by providing sustainable and innovative solutions that create value. This commitment to sustainability carries over in their efforts in demand response, where they’ve done important work in supporting their local grid.

Sustainable Footprint Award Winners

The Sustainable Footprint Award honors our customers’ commitment to grid stability and energy flexibility wherever they operate, as demonstrated by enrollment in six or more demand response programs throughout the U.S. and Canada or due to their impressive battery storage system. We give this award to highlight the multiple attributes of energy flexibility as an asset that not only enhances grid stability, but also helps increase the grid’s sustainability by providing a clean, cost-effective alternative to the traditional methods of accommodating peaks in energy demand. 

Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan Materials Company is the nation’s largest producer of construction aggregates – primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel – and a major producer of aggregates-based construction materials, including asphalt and ready-mixed concrete. Its coast-to-coast footprint and strategic distribution network align with and serve the nation’s growth centers. The company’s work curtailing significant energy usage at multiple sites has supported a cleaner grid through demand response and storage. 

Berry Global, Inc.

Berry Global creates innovative packaging and engineered products that make life better for people and the planet. The company does this by leveraging its unmatched global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and deep innovation expertise to serve customers of all sizes around the world. The organization partners with customers to develop, design, and manufacture innovative products with an eye toward the circular economy. And that belief in the circular economy aligns with the organization’s extensive effort in demand response programs that aim to provide a cleaner solution to challenges facing the grid.

Bimbo Canada

As Canada's leading bakery, Bimbo Canada is Nourishing A Better World through sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane values that feed Canadian families delicious, high-quality baked goods and snacks. The country’s largest and oldest bakery, the company has been feeding Canadians delicious and nutritious food with brands like Dempster’s, Villaggio, Stonemill and Vachon, for more than 110 years. Its baked goods and snacks are high-quality, affordable, yet innovative and exciting. And through its energy storage efforts, Bimbo Canada has helped to make the grid cleaner in its local region as it responds to peak demand grid events.

Americold Logistics, LLC.

Americold is a global leader in temperature-controlled logistics real estate and value-added services for the food supply chain.  Focused on the ownership, operation, acquisition and development of temperature-controlled warehouses, Americold owns and/or operates nearly 250 warehouses in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America. In addition to being an integral component of the food supply chain, Americold supports local energy demand response programs throughout the U.S.

Thank you to our customers for their contributions in 2022

These awards honor a few of our customers’ commitments to grid stability and energy flexibility wherever they operate, as demonstrated by their enrollment in demand response and energy savings programs across the U.S. and Canada. Demand response not only helps grid reliability, it also helps boost the grid’s sustainability by providing a clean, cost-effective solution to peaks in energy demand. 

We truly appreciate all the partnerships we have with customers across our North American portfolio, no matter the size, since the collective action and commitment to energy flexibility makes an important difference. If you are looking to see how your organization can leverage on-site energy solutions to become more resilient and flexible, reach out to Enel today

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