Solar & Wind

Are you ready to power North America with clean energy? Have a look at the different roles and where this career path could take you.

Who we are looking for

Enel’s Solar & Wind team is in charge of operating our wind farms and solar parks, bringing North America closer and closer to a more resilient energy transformation.


Enel Electrical Technicians support the installation, testing, and troubleshooting of medium voltage and station service electrical equipment along with other power plant related instruments.

Field Engineer

Our Field Engineers resolve technical hardware issues in the field with their knowledge of power equipment, commissioning, troubleshooting, maintenance, monitoring and repair.

Substation Operator

The job duties of our Substation Operators are to inspect, maintain, and monitor all electrical substation equipment in order to maximize performance.

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Our Technicians inspect, troubleshoot, install and repair power plant components and determine the tasks and parts needed to do so.

Career Paths

No two career paths are the same. We invite each Enel employee to pave their own path and progress at their own pace. When it comes to career progression, we consider individual accomplishments, growth, and skillsets. We don’t believe anyone should be relegated to whatever division or role they started with at Enel.

Employees are encouraged to learn about and discover every team and role at Enel.It’s through this holistic understanding and appreciation that we can build and maintain a unique, inclusive culture. When you join Enel, you are more than just your title or past or accolades. We look at the person within and empower each individual to fulfill their own career paths. 

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