Enel X North America sees strong growth in 2020

Enel X North America Sees Strong Growth Across Storage, Demand Response and EV Charging as More Organizations Shift Towards Decarbonization in 2020.

Boston, December 17, 2020 - Enel X, the Enel Group's advanced energy services business line, today announced record growth and key milestones across the business in 2020, as commercial and industrial customers, utilities, cities and consumers embrace the increasing need to address the global climate crisis through the adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

"Throughout 2020, we've experienced constant effects of the climate crisis, from heat waves, hurricanes, wildfires and more, yet we've seen businesses, utilities, consumers and cities alike reaffirm their commitments to more sustainable energy solutions that support the local grid and the environment," said Surya Panditi, Head of Enel X North America. "Across each area of the business, Enel X continues to deliver measurable economic and environmental value to customers. The growth we've experienced in 2020 demonstrates the increased role of flexible energy solutions and is a testament to the shared commitment of our customers and our team in leading the energy transition, we look forward to continuing this momentum into next year."

Throughout the record-breaking demand response season, Enel X and its commercial and industrial customers delivered critical resources to the grid in more than 500 demand response events. Increasingly, Enel X demand response portfolios are comprised of multiple resource types, including traditional load curtailment from customers, alongside newer technologies like distributed energy storage and flexible EV charging infrastructure. During a heat wave in New York in July, Enel X dispatched its front-of-the-meter battery storage system in Brooklyn, delivering more than 188,000 kWh to the grid. In California in August, a heat wave combined with wildfires resulted in rolling blackouts, during which Enel X provided between 150 MW-200 MW of flexible load to the grid daily from both demand response customers and EV chargers, playing an important role in mitigating blackouts over a multi-day period. By participating in demand response programs, customers earn payments by reducing their energy load during periods of peak demand. This year, Enel X North America demand response customers earned more than $100 million by curtailing more than 500 GWh, while supporting the reliability of their local grids during dispatch events.



In 2020, Enel X more than doubled its portfolio of operational battery storage projects and signed new contracts totaling more than 54 MWh across the US and Canada, including a new microgrid project in Puerto Rico. The storage business also established a joint venture with Ardian Infrastructure, a global private investment house, to accelerate the development of battery storage in Ontario, where the company grew its portfolio by 65%. Enel X North America now has more than 160 MWh of battery storage projects across the US and Canada.


EV Smart Charging and Transit Electrification

The company launched a new line of electric vehicle smart charging solutions and grew its portfolio of utility smart charging partners to more than 40, with over 60,000 residential and commercial smart charging stations deployed across North America. JuiceNet, the smart EV charging software platform, that optimizes the energy consumption of Enel X's charging stations to charge vehicles when electricity prices are lowest and availability of renewable energy is highest on the grid, manages a 70+ MW virtual battery in California. 

Additionally, Enel X North America partnered with a number of Fortune 1000 companies for fleet electrification, including Vestas and Uber, which now offers drivers who use the Uber platform access to 100% clean driving through the launch of JuiceEco Green-e® certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). JuiceEco matches the consumption of any EV anywhere in the US with carbon-free electricity. Expanding upon its smart charging leadership, Enel X entered the public transit electrification market through a pair of grants from the MassCEC. The grants will support the future electrification of bus fleets from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Hopkinton Public School District in Massachusetts. 


Demand Response and Energy Services

The company continued to grow its utility demand response portfolio, adding more than 200 MW through utility programs, including a program with Salt River Project in Arizona, launched earlier this year and signed contracts with businesses totaling more than 550 MW of dispatchable capacity. Enel X provides C&I demand response resources to more than 20 utilities across North America managing more than 600 MW of dispatchable demand response in utility programs alone in which Enel X is the exclusive provider to the utility. 

In support of organizations' energy advisory services, Enel X helped commercial, industrial, government and municipal customers identify around 8 million USD of energy cost savings globally through the company's utility bill management platform, while also supporting customer's energy procurement needs as more organizations sought to integrate renewables into their supply mix. In total, Enel X helped procure more than 500 MW of renewable energy for customers like the Western Pennsylvania Energy Consortium which transitioned to 100% renewable energy supply for its 30 members, and Enel X has another 1 GW of ongoing renewable energy solicitations.

Enel X is Enel's global business line dedicated to the development of innovative products and digital solutions in sectors where energy is showing the greatest potential for transformation: cities, homes, industries and electric mobility. The company is a global leader in the advanced energy solution sector, with more than 6.3 GW of demand response capacity, 110 MW of installed storage capacity, more than 90,000 utility bills managed across 104 countries, and around 130,000 public and private EV charging stations available around the world.

In North America, Enel X has around 4,500 business customers, spanning more than 35,000 sites and representing approximately $10.5B in energy spend under management. Enel X North America has approximately 4.7 GW of demand response capacity, over 70 battery storage projects that are operational and under contract, and more than 60,000 smart EV charging stations. Enel X advises large energy users on energy procurement, sustainability, and risk management, and has completed 65,000 energy procurement events including 2,000 MW of long-term renewable energy contracts. The company's intelligent DER Optimization Software is designed to analyze real-time energy and utility bill data, improve performance, and manage distributed energy assets across a number of different value streams and applications.

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