Roberto Rösner

Head of Energy and Commodity Management, Enel North America

Roberto Rösner is Head of Energy and Commodity Management (ECM), USA and Canada where he is responsible for leading the energy commodity business unit for Enel North America, comprising Trading and Origination, Risk Management and Strategy, Trading Compliance, Asset Management, Credit and Customer Operations departments.

Mr. Rösner has over 15 years of experience in leadership roles in the renewable energy industry. In 2006, he joined Enel and in his current position as Head of Energy and Commodity Management for Enel North America he oversees the integrated energy and commodity portfolio in the USA and Canada including the power generation, commodity purchases and sales, defining compliance & credit risk management, managing contracts and identifying digital needs. Mr. Rösner acts as Global Energy and Commodity Management reference on regulatory issues, supports Investment and Business Development processes through fundamental analysis and capacity strategy and identifies new business opportunities.

Mr. Rösner received his master’s degree in Economics from Turin University and MBA degree from Questrom School of Business, Boston University.


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