Carlos Luque Larena

Head of Global Digital Solutions North America

Carlos Luque Larena is Head of Global Digital Solutions North America, where he will support all GDS activities to speed up the company's digitalization, boost the platform approach adoption, and perform a full deployment of the Global processes and structures as well as adopting the best practices.

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Mr. Luque Larena has overseen various projects and covered several assignments within the Enel Group, in information and communications technology. 

He joined Enel in 2006, after a period of technical specialization in the consulting services sector, being responsible for the Infrastructural Projects area within the GDS structure, later he was responsible for GDS Romania where he carried out a deep transformation and technical homogenization to support business processes. His last position was Head of Global Data Competence Center for Enel X Global Retail and Global Customer Operations DH.

This new role is a great opportunity because it allows me to support and drive the growth of the team using my previous experiences and I will have the chance to continue developing myself in a diverse multicultural environment and learn from professionals from varied backgrounds. This opportunity is important as I can be part of a growing team in North America where Enel wants to have a more relevant presence.
— Carlos Luque Larena, Head of Global Digital Solutions North America

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