Sustainability goals and progress 

Without transparency, true progress is impossible. Enel North America holds itself accountable to commitments and objectives for the sake of our business, our stakeholders and the future of the planet. 

Climate and Nature

Zero emissions by 2040

At a global level, Enel Group is committed to achieving full decarbonization in the more than 30 countries where it operates through clean electrification. Enel aims to reach zero emissions by 2040 by eliminating emissions across our direct operations and indirect operations through our suppliers and customers. Enel will also exit the natural gas business so that all the energy we provide to our customers is renewable electricity. Enel North America’s power generation fleet is already 100% zero emissions, and we’re carrying out more decarbonization of our offices, fleet and across the value chain.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

40% women representation by 2025

While women shine in the clean energy industry, closing the gender gap remains a vital mission. Enel North America is advancing gender equality by striving for 40% female representation in professional and leadership roles by 2025. In parallel, the company is taking other proactive actions to advance gender equality, such as supporting new parents with up to twenty weeks of paid leave; empowering young women with scholarships, STEM support, and career guidance; championing topics like equality and mentoring through our Women Empower employee resource group, supporting women in energy trade organizations, conferences; and more.

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33.1 %

Women in professional and leadership roles.

40 %

Women in professional and leadership roles.
Health and Safety

Zero accidents. Always.

Protecting the physical and psychological well-being of our employees is critical to Enel. We’re committed to our workforce with the goal of zero safety and environmental accidents. Safeguarding our people’s health and safety in our operations and recognizing their potential are top priorities in how we deliver the energy transition. Enel North America is dedicated to getting our total recordable injury frequency rate (TRI FR) and lost time injury frequency rate (LTI FR) to zero. Furthermore, we aim to make progress on extra checking on site (ECoS) safety and the environment.

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Community Impact

Advance workforce development and reskilling programs

To help close the industry jobs gap in an equitable and inclusive way, Enel North America is investing in training the clean energy workforce of the future with our “Classroom to Careers” approach to clean energy education. We’re also committed to providing reskilling programs for workers coming from the fossil fuel industries. Enel North America works with several educational and academic partners, including K-12 programs, post-secondary scholarships and technical colleges scholarships. And our Oklahoma office features a state-of-the art wind turbine training facility and classrooms where trainees perform hands-on simulation and receive permanent training.

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