School Bus Fleet Electrification

Simplify your school’s transition to an electric school bus fleet with our turnkey process combined with dependable and affordable electric buses on your terms and budget.

What Is School Bus Fleet Electrification?

Zero-Emissions School Transportation

Electric school buses offer huge health and education benefits to students, schools, and the community. Transitioning to an electric school bus fleet improves air quality, reduces emissions and noise pollution, cuts costs, and provides students with a more comfortable service. But building an electric school bus fleet is a complicated process, and most schools need a partner.

As one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, Enel North America can work with your school to understand your unique transportation requirements and budget constraints, then define electrification options based on your school’s needs. Our turnkey solutions remove the high up-front cost of electrification and simplify the transition to an electric school bus fleet.

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The Value of School Bus Fleet Electrification

Unlock Energy Cost Savings

Lower energy costs through O&M savings on school bus fleets, decreasing fuel costs, and creating new revenue streams.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reduce emissions (CO2, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter) to benefit students, the community, and the environment.

Reduce Risk and Fluctuating Costs

Secure the lowest-cost renewable energy to remove the risk of fluctuating energy prices and gain budget stability.

Leverage Unprecedented Funding

Take advantage of historic funding, available now but not in perpetuity, by acting now to electrify your bus fleet.

Why Enel North America

We Are Your Partner for School Bus Fleet Electrification

Enel North America’s core school fleet electrification solution is a comprehensive electrification bundle with a low annual fee. With this service, we manage electrification from A to Z. Schools receive fully charged buses for their drivers to use 365 days a year. Instead of dealing with the complexity of managing an electric school bus fleet, school administrators can focus on what matters most – providing a quality education for their students.  

Services: Feasibility and planning, charging system, installation, electric buses, maintenance of chargers and buses, financing, energy and ongoing 24/7 support 

For schools that prefer to own their school bus fleet, this solution provides everything required to charge an electric fleet. Schools purchase and maintain electric vehicles while Enel North America designs, installs, manages, and maintains the charging infrastructure, guaranteeing its continuous operation.  

Services: Feasibility and planning, charging system, installation, maintenance of chargers and buses, financing, energy and ongoing 24/7 support 

Enel North America designs and builds systems to increase resilience and reduce environmental impact. Our energy experts will propose the right combination of solar panels, on-site battery storage and efficiency solutions by working with your facilities and sustainability managers to design a system to address your school’s specific needs. We have designed and implemented hundreds of projects that use renewable energy to provide backup power and reduce monthly energy expenditure. Our solutions can work perfectly with your school’s sustainability goals.  

Services: Turnkey system managed and optimized by single solution provider, guaranteed continuity of operations, customized system to meet your sustainability goals 

Enel North America will exhaust all resources to ensure your project is optimally funded. We identify and apply all public funding available at that federal, state and local level. Also, our existing relationships with local utilities allow us to work quickly and efficiently to ensure utility incentives are applied. Beyond this, we will also leverage industry knowledge to create additional revenue streams from programs like demand response as well as V2G when available. Our approach ensures the lowest possible cost for your project. 

It’s crucial that your electric school buses are ready when you need them. Enel North America already supports over 100,000 charge points in the United States with our 24/7 customer support center. Our U.S. based support team can troubleshoot most issues remotely and is available via phone, email, or chat. When needed, technicians are dispatched to your school within 48 hours.

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