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Change the world with us

We bring together the brightest minds to tackle our planet’s greatest challenges and accelerate the energy transition. United we make a difference. 

Sponsorship opportunities

We sponsor environmental, educational, professional and volunteer events. Connect with us to find out more about sponsorship opportunities. 



How can we help you?

Our suppliers include but are not limited to individuals, freelancers, family businesses, public or cooperative companies, professional associations and public authorities. Please contact  Procurement to find out if you qualify.

The first step to becoming one of our suppliers is to register your company on the WeBUY  platform.  Once registered you can request to qualify for specific work types.

The WeBUY platform is Enel’s centralized system for managing all procurement procedures. It is our Vendor Management Platform. You can begin the qualification process here and renew expiring qualifications in the future. You can take part in tenders and manage contracts. You can submit invoices and consult the appraisal of your performance all within the WeBUY platform.

Qualification is a process of checking the companies that wish to do business with Enel.  Companies are subject to screening checks to ensure they meet the qualification requirements of the Merchandise Group involved. The process is differentiated based on your business and risk level and the risk level of the Merchandise Group for which you are Qualifying for (or Work Type). Suppliers are evaluated according to our environmental, social, financial, ethical, health, safety and legal requirements.

The categorization of goods, services and sectors in which we operate.  Basically the category of work you wish to perform for Enel.

Share your creative idea for tackling global challenges at Enel Innovability or connect with our network of entrepreneurs, startups and businesses at Enel Startup to innovate together. 

Adding Value for Communities plays an essential role in what we do at Enel North America. If you have an event or activity that you would like us to participate in, please contact communications.northamerica@enel.com.

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