Powering healthy and resilient communities

Sustainability is opening new doors for individuals, small businesses and communities, particularly in rural America and Canada. By creating shared value with our local partners, Enel is generating a lasting impact.

Teaming up in the name of sustainability

Healthy and resilient communities are the foundation to creating long-term, shared value. We live and work in the same communities as our projects and partners. When seeking to develop new economic activity and jobs in a local community, we are committed to understanding their needs and opportunities to establish new partnerships, projects and initiatives that generate a lasting impact.

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Local Community Partners

Joining forces with sustainability champions

A great mission brings great people together. All across the US and Canada, we’re partnering with local champions actively driving sustainable change in their communities.

From young students leading STEM centers to beekeepers creating solar honey for craft beer, learn how these leaders and Enel’s support create shared value.

Community-First Approach

Creating long-term value to foster a just transition

To ensure a just energy transition, individuals, businesses and communities must work together to protect our future and our planet.

At Enel, we believe that by engaging with our local communities, we can understand their needs and objectives. Through targeted programs and funding – aligned with our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – we support their sustainable and inclusive development to create long-term, shared value.

These are our seven focus areas:

Economic Development

Naturally, change can affect populations differently, such as those whose economies have always relied on fossil fuels. This means that new employment and reskilling programs for workers and businesses are essential. Enel partners with local chambers and EDCs to enable the transition to clean energy jobs and revitalization of main streets.

Civil Infrastructure Improvements

A new road can open new opportunities for residents, small businesses and farmers. To support their continuous growth alongside our renewable projects, Enel improves roads, public spaces and lighting and gets involved directly with our neighbors in the design and construction process of new civil infrastructure for local towns.


To shape the energy of the future, we must develop the engineers, scientists and innovators of the future. Enel supports best-in-class STEM and STEAM programs with renewable energy technology programs across North America to help establish the future clean energy workforce. 

Resilient and Sustainable Communities

First-responders work hard to keep communities healthy and safe. Their role has been key to helping those most affected by the pandemic. At Enel, we support over 50 volunteer fire departments, hospitals, health foundations and foodbanks to build resilient communities across the communities where we operate. 


Our environmental commitment doesn’t end with a clean energy project or product. It is just the beginning; we are committed from start to finish to fostering and enhancing biodiversity at our projects. From sheep grazing practices at our solar farms to partnerships with institutions that protect wildlife, we operate projects focused on environmental sustainability.

Climate and Social Justice

The new clean energy economy will only be successful if its benefits and opportunities reach everyone, particularly the communities most affected by climate change. We’re focused on developing partnerships that advance an inclusive and just energy transition, supporting organizations and communities that create and sustain equitable solutions for all.

Community Well-being, Recreation and Cultural Events

From supporting breakdance organizations in Boston to promoting wellness in McCamey, Texas: we work with more than 15 community-based, nonprofit organizations whose mission and purpose are to improve community wellness, recreation, sports and culture.

Enabling our farming communities to thrive

For decades Enel has been developing relationships with landowners in rural towns engaging with farmers, their families, their town and their environment with technologies that preserve wildlife and vegetation while bringing jobs and a steady income. Nowadays, our landowners are increasingly turning into renewable energy advocates. 

Local heroes creating a global impact

Fostering pollinator habitats with solar development. Applying sustainable land conservation practices that incorporate renewables. Educating the clean energy workforce of the future. Hear the stories of our local community partners and how Enel is embedded into their mission.

Embracing the transition to a circular model

Circular Economy

Accelerating a sustainable energy future