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The sustainable energy space is growing rapidly, and it's evolving every day. We're here to make it simple. Take a look at our resources that help demystify clean energy and your role in the energy transition.

Enel Green Power

Going green just got easier

There’s a lot of information on renewables and reducing carbon footprints at your disposal, but how do you know where to look? Enel Green Power has made it easier for you to dive deeper into the world of sustainability. 

On the Learning Hub, you can find facts, history, numbers and explanations regarding the hottest topics on the energy transition and the climate crisis. You’ll even have access to reflections from leading scientists, economists, intellectuals and journalists along with debates featuring different points of views from other experts.  

Enel X

Smart energy innovation in action

Good ideas are out there, and we are turning them from dreams to reality. Get inspired by real-world case studies to see what sustainability and innovation are capable of when paired together.  

Insights on the latest demand response systems? Check. White papers on how digital solutions are reshaping energy management. Check. Additional resources on the latest and greatest ways to navigate the renewable energy market? And check.  


Big questions. Direct answers.

The world’s greatest challenges are complicated, but answering questions on them doesn’t have to be. Enel  interviews professors from top universities all around the globe to share their analysis and key findings on renewables, digitalization, business strategies and more in a simple, yet effective way. 

How can Open Innovation be integrated into business? What is the role of utilities in shaping a better future for the planet? Maybe you’ve already done your research and you still can’t find the explanations you are looking for…all you need to do is #AsktheProfessor. 

Turning big ideas into climate solutions


Accelerating a sustainable energy future