Moving forward, together

If you want to change the world, Enel is the right place for you. We’re committed to creating a collaborative, inclusive and engaging environment. And we empower our employees with the flexibility to do their best work in the way they work best.

Our Mission

Build a sustainable, electrified future

While we have employees and projects worldwide, our teams in the US, Canada and across the globe are all connected by our shared mission: driving the transition to a fully electrified future. At Enel, we bring together people who want to make an impact that’s built to last – at a company built to succeed. 

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The Enel Difference

Innovation is the tool, sustainability the aim

We believe innovation and sustainability are directly connected. One cannot truly exist without the other. These two pillars drive our people to create award-winning solutions that challenge the status-quo and shape the future of energy. 


Innovation requires more than having a good idea. It’s having a good idea, the resources and support to bring it to life — we empower our employees with critical tools, academic partnerships, startups networks and an agile environment to turn concepts into solutions.

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Being sustainable encompasses how we act and engage with the world. From partnering with local communities, building a circular economy, and promoting sustainable finance, our people are achieving real change.

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Listen to our employees

This is what drives our people to work at Enel.
Work Your Way

We make it easy to love what you do

At Enel, we put employees in the driver’s seat of their careers. We provide the resources and opportunities to advance your career, while you help build the world’s sustainable future. Enel employees are empowered to make a significant impact in achieving Enel’s mission, and their own. 

People First

We know our employees are our greatest strength. We want them to live healthy and balanced lives in and outside of work. Our benefits programs are designed to support that balance. We provide one of the best benefits packages in the industry, including 10+ weeks of personal time off, 100% paid paternal leave and top health and wellness benefits. And our summer camp program, We Are Energy, gets rave reviews from parents and children alike.


We want you to work in an environment where you work best. For those in the field, we are laser-focused on safety and ensuring you have the resources to build and complete projects that will power a fully electrified future. For those in the office - ours or yours - we consider how comfort impacts productivity. If your home office is the one for you, Enel’s Smart Working package will help get you set up.

Professional Development

Constantly growing means constantly learning. We encourage every employee at Enel to continue honing their skills and furthering their professional goals. Our online training portal offers thousands of on-demand classes. More of a hands-on learner? Enel’s mentoring and job shadowing opportunities could be for you. As your career and knowledge grows, so might your interest in other areas of the company. Internal mobility within the company is another area where Enel thrives. 

Global Collaboration

Opportunities to shape the energy transition live all across Enel. Our North American teams work on projects from utility-scale renewables and storage to grid digitalization and from flexible energy resources to electric transportation. They work in collaboration with colleagues from around the globe, bolstered by the resources of a worldwide leader in clean energy. This collaboration isn’t confined to just current projects. Through Enel’s Innovability Challenge, employees can collaborate across business lines, regions and timezones on that next energy idea.

Envision yourself here

Much like the rest of the world, our definition of “work” and “the office” continues to evolve. We’ve moved swiftly and consciously to ensure we provide an environment in which our employees feel safe, supported and engaged as one team.

Power your life beyond work

Enel Employee Benefits

Embrace differences to make a difference

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion