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The clean energy leader tackling climate change by creating a world that runs on 100% clean electricity.

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Shaping a new energy future


We are electrifying energy consumption – including transportation, business operations and households – with low-carbon electricity. 


We’re decarbonizing energy supply with 100% clean electricity.


We’re modernizing electric grids to provide reliable, safe and continuous delivery of clean energy. Turning energy consumers into energy prosumers. 


We’re driving a just transition that creates economic, social and sustainable growth for all members of society. 

Why it matters

Achieving net zero through a just transition

The time to combat climate crisis is now. It is imperative that we transition to a sustainable, electrified economy powered by clean energy sources. Just as imperative as is doing it an inclusive, sustainable and fair way where everyone thrive. 

Turn your climate ambition into climate action


Shape the future of energy with us