Innovating for sustainability

To accelerate a sustainable energy future, the world needs innovation. But not just any kind: the kind driven by openness and collaboration. At Enel, we collaborate with startups, research centers, universities and our customers to create climate solutions.

Open Innovation

Partnering with innovative thinkers and doers

Innovation can come from anywhere. At Enel, we are constantly seeking outside our offices for ideas, inspiration and know-how. Through our Open Innovability® platform and our network of Innovation Hubs around North America and the world, we’re creating an ecosystem that allows everyone to contribute: college students, cleantech startups, global industrial partners and research centers.

We embrace the vision that by fostering an environment where innovators from different backgrounds can dare to be different and work together to turn ideas into solutions, we can truly accelerate a sustainable energy future.

Open Innovability®

Our Open Innovability® philosophy combines all the key ingredients for tackling global challenges: open power + open innovation + sustainability. This openness means that we want to work with anyone who has bright ideas and wants to solve the climate crisis. Join our Open Innovability® crowdsourcing platform and bring your solutions to life.

Discover our open challenges

Innovation Hub - Boston

Headquartered at Greentown Labs, the largest cleantech startup incubator in the US, Enel Innovation Hub Boston connects startups, venture capital funds, accelerators and incubators in a city home to some of the world’s top universities.

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Innovation Hub – Silicon Valley

Enel Innovation Hub Silicon Valley brings together top universities, startups, venture capital funds and incubators across one of the most prominent innovation ecosystems in the world. The hub works in partnership with the innovation firm, Powerhouse.

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MaRS Discovery District - Toronto

MaRS Discovery District, based in Toronto, is North America’s largest urban innovation hub. Through our membership agreement, Enel has access to MaRS's network of more than 1,300 ventures, expanding our connection with the Canadian innovation ecosystem.

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Innovation at the core of how we work

To empower sustainable progress, we must be ready for change. Hear from Ernesto Ciorra, our Chief Innovability® Officer, and Carlo Albini, our Head of People and Organization Innovability®, how we embrace innovation as a core value at Enel to accelerate the clean energy transition.


Innovation is the tool, sustainability the aim

For Enel, innovation and sustainability are both fundamental and interdependent. Only continuous innovation can bring forward sustainable development – and for us, innovation is meaningless if it doesn’t lead to sustainability.

When innovation and sustainability are merged, they can lead to unique climate solutions. Find out more about how the Enel companies embrace Innovability®.

Enel Green Power

From autonomous robots for construction to drone technology combined with AI for predictive maintenance at our renewable plants, Enel Green Power is constantly seeking and building disruptive solutions to produce clean energy more efficiently and sustainably.

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Enel X

From electric wheelchairs for people with disabilities to the integration of solar + storage + smart EV charging at historic universities, Enel X is partnering with other innovation-driven thinkers to advance smart energy solutions that change the way people and businesses use, store and manage energy. 

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The Cleantech Ecosystem

Strengthening the North American innovation network

Enel doesn’t just sit back and wait for innovation to happen. We work closely with our North American innovation network to help bring a groundbreaking idea to fruition, from start to finish. Are you ready to transform the future of energy with us?

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Bright people building a brighter future

Our people and partners work hand-in-hand to ensure the most creative ideas don’t just remain on the drawing board but rather get to solve the climate crisis. Get to know some of the innovative minds behind our climate solutions, the work we do with the startup ecosystem in North America and the successful application of ideas that are solving industry challenges and leading to a more sustainable energy tomorrow.

Innovation Contacts

Connect with the USA & Canada Innovation Team

Luca Seletto
Enel Green Power
David Rodriguez
Enel X
Andrea Sguazzi
Innovation Hub Silicon Valley
Silvia Mendez
Innovation Hub Boston

Accelerating a sustainable energy future


Embracing the transition to a circular model

Circular Economy